Baby Zarathushtra Frame

The thought of creating this frame for the Zarathushti children around the world to learn and get engaged in understanding our faith. It’s a bright and happy print and will make a great addition to a kids room or living room. The frame has the dimensions 8*10 inches and the back has a stand as… Read More »


Baby Ganesha Frame

This is an interpretation of Ganesha, the Elephant God.Especially made for children with a message to learn from! Simply mount it on the wall for the kids to enjoy or frame it.Great addition to a kids room.Great for gifting! The frame has the dimensions 8*10 inches and the back has a stand as well as… Read More »


A new way to eat

Weight reduction is often the first line of treatment in most medical conditions. Indians especially, need to change the way they eat if they are to tackle the increasing susceptibility to conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This book provides a complete health plan which is practical and easy to follow. It has… Read More »


On Wings Of Fire

ZUBIN MEHTA in a Persepolis Productions Inc & Oriental Heritage Trust Film The Epic Film covers the 3500 years, from the time of the prophet Zarathushtra to the present day, tracing the history of Zoroastrians, Parsis (Parsees) of India The first and only film to cover the philosophy and history of Zoroastrianism in a scholarly… Read More »


Waiting for Jonathan Koshy

In the heart of Pali Hill, the Beverly Hills of Mumbai, four friends await the arrival of Jonathan, a man “greatly appreciated for his wit, his effervescence, and his indignation,” a man exiled from his home state. Through their conversations, we learn of the tumultuous life of Jonathan – how he single-handedly breaks up a… Read More »


Zoroastrian Monajats

A set of 7 Monajats Produced and Sung by Mani Rao Please click on the link below and enjoy her melodious voice singing these evergreen songs: o-dadgar-o-davar karoochoon-o-dadgar saambhal-re-saambhal bakshish-o-manguch saras-sauthi-kharo-rahbar mane-vahala-re-vahala khudavind-khavind Contact the Seller


The Legacy Of Zarathustra

Among faiths practised in the world today, the religion of Zarathushtra, also known as Zoroastrianism, is little known. Yet, at one time, it was the religion of the Persian empires that stretched across central Asia for a thousand years, and one that has left a timeless legacy of world religious thought. The message of Zarathushtra… Read More »



A drug addict, Dalit prostitute is accused of the murder of the only son of a powerful politician, who is hoping to become the next prime minister.  A most successful lawyer in Mumbai is appointed to defend the Dalit prostitute. He believes in justice but is his belief strong enough to withstand the loss of… Read More »


My First Zoroastrian Prayer Book

A delightful book for little children, with Navjote prayers. “My First Zoroastrian Prayer Book” by Jamshed Rivetna with illustrations by Ava Mehta. This glossy, hard cover volume, with full-color illustrations, presents the story of Zarathushtra, the teachings of the religion, the Navjote ceremony, and all the Navjote prayers with meanings, in simple language for children.… Read More »


My Mother Used To Say

This delightful compilation captures and records — lest future generations growing up in the West forget — priceless heirlooms, including over 1000 Parsi and Persian quotations, fun phrases and timeless words of wisdom, ingenious home remedies for all ailments, and nostalgic memories of growing up in Parsi ‘baugs.’ It is a great way to remind and… Read More »

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Coloring book

Our brand new book is fresh off the press. A unique take on a colouring book; it features 26 fun animals including a Uakari, a Viper, and an Iguana. It also has sets of 5 wild animals, 5 aquatic animals, 5 farm animals and 5 baby animals. Printed on premium paper that is great for… Read More »

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